Apache 2 version: This is the home page for the Apache 1.x version of this module. The Apache 2 version is maintained by Richard Barrett. Please see Richard's page for the source to the Apache 2 version.

mod_extract_forwarded hooks itself into Apache's header parsing phase and looks for the X-Forwarded-For header which some (most?) proxies add to the proxied HTTP requests. It extracts the IP from the X-Forwarded-For and modifies the connection data so to the rest of Apache the request looks like it came from that IP rather than the proxy IP.

mod_extract_forwarded can be dangerous for host based access control because X-Forwarded-For is easily spoofed. Because of this you can configure which proxies you trust or don't trust. See the README and the configuration doc for more details on this.

The current release version is 1.4

This latest release fixes a potentially nasty bug which will cause the server process footprint to swell to hundreds of megabytes. If you are using an earlier version you need to upgrade.

Maintained by Adrian Hosey

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